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Original Products
Classification Ingredient Original Products Original Developer Treatment group (Mechanism) Remarks
Degestrel + Ethinylestradio Mercilon Tab. MSD [Birth Control Pill]
The steroid ingredient Ethinylestradiol is minimized to reduce side effects, and Desogestrel’s action (such as inhibiting constriction of ovaries/uterus and contraction of body’s smooth muscles) shows positive contraceptive effect.
Spanish C company
Henbane oil
(Oleum hyoscyami)
Kelosoft Cream Our Exclusive [Scar treatment]
Natural herbal ingredients’ Scar treatment
Swiss G company
Arnica montana Similasan Arnica Tab. Our Exclusive [Natural ingredients Pain Reliever(Homeopathic medicine)]
Using natural ingredient from Arnica Montana as main ingredient to relief bruises, muscle aches, joint pains.
Swiss S company
Dienogest Visanne Tab. (Our company undecided) BAYER KOREA [Endometriosis treatment]
This treatment prevents chronic pelvic pain, abdominal pain, dyspareunia, dysmenorrhea and menstrual periods becoming heavier and longer from Endometriosis, and Dienogest, an ingredient of progesterone that thins the endometrium, prevents endometrial lesions.
Spanish C company
Medical Devices
Medical Devices Gekodevice Firstkind [Low frequency stimulator (second-rate) (DVT Prevention Use)]
Portable Electrical stimulation Blood flow improving Medical devices
UK F Company