About Us

At Pharvis, we strive for a healthier and happier life for every family.

Message from CEO
Welcome to Pharvis’s website.
We aspire to improve the health and wellness of people.

Since 1976, our mission is to strive towards to Better Health for humanity with respecting individual people’s lives.
For over 40 years, with generous support and continuous investment, have introduced many innovative products to the world. Those quality products have earned trust from our customers.

Pharvis has been leading the field in manufacturing medication, and has been recognized for our various achievements.
With our industry-academic cooperation with Korea’s top universities and transferring technology, we are striving in Incrementally Modified Drugs and Development of new medication’s fields. Also, Pharvis exclusively import and supply various outstanding foreign products, which develop our place as a pharmaceutical company more special in both Korea and the rest of the world.

Our company’s core value is founded on respect for people, creating innovation and serving the community. With these values as our guide, we believe we can make better future where people can share happiness. We are committed to being a premier, trust-worthy pharmaceutical company, where the company is dedicated to meet everyone’s hope, communication and gratitude.

Pharvis has been focusing on improving people’s health and taking responsibility as a corporation that serves the community. To become an ultimate total healthcare company, we have been broadening our business spectrum from medication to new medical equipment, personal care products, quasi-drugs (QDs), and health supplements.

Pharvis is always within your reach and striving to make a healthier, happier future for people around the world.

Thank you.

President 최용은