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Gincosan capsule made by Ginsana in Switzerland

스위스 제약회사 진사나
Swiss pharmaceutical company Ginsana leads the global ginseng market

Ginsana pharmaceutical have a tradition of 75 years.
The leading company in Switzerland, which accounts for 40% of the global ginseng drug market.
The company developed the own technology of G115, the world's first standardizing ginseng saponin content.


1. Improvement of Memory, Attention and Concentration

Panax ginseng G115 / Ginseng / 뇌 세포의 혈류 속 영양소 & 산소 이용률 극대화  + Ginkgo biloba GK501 / Ginkgo / 뇌 혈류 순환 개선 & 뇌 산소 공급 증가

2. Proved efficacy via global clinical tests

  • 32.3% improvement of Cognitive function in 320mg dosing group after 90 days

    Ref : The cognitive, subjective, and physical effects of a Ginkgo biloba/Panax ginseng combination in healthy volunteers with neurasthenic complaints. K.A. Wesnes, R.A. Faleni, N.R. Hefting et al, Psychopharmacol Bull 33(4): 677-683 (1997)

  • Improvement of cerebral blood flow velocity

    Ref : Improvement of cerebral blood flow velocity
    (Kwiecinski et al., 1997)